Creating food resilient gardens in a time of climate change

Library - Extension Training

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12 Dave Askin, Dorothy Kukum, Sim Sar, Sergie Bang, David Kulimbao 2016 Sampela rot bilong daunim bagarap bilong binatang (kaukau weevil) insait long kaukau View Download
13 Dave Askin 2016 West Indian Weevil notes from Internet View Download
11 Dave Askin, David Kulimbao 2016 Tok Pisin Drought and Climate Change training manual for PNG highlands View Download
40 Markus Muntwiler 2003 Duck farmer training manual View Download
41 David Farrell 2004 Managing village chickens- Trainer's handbook View Download
18 Dave Askin 2016 Frost Strategies View Download
52 Maima Sine 2017 Fish farmer training modules - trainee guides View Download
37 Ben Heyward, Dave Askin, David Kulimbao, Anna Kulimbao 2016 Summary - key strategies for coping with drought and frost and fire View Download
42 Anon 2004 Chicken farmer training manual View Download
43 Markus Muntwiler, Dave Askin 2004 Training villagers in PNG - a manual for trainers View Download
45 Dave Askin, Allan Oliver 2004 Land-use and soil fertility View Download
49 Kym Simoncini, Barbara Pamphilon 2010 Maria's family raises chickens View Download
56 Dave Askin 2018 EU Climate Change, Villager Handbook Template Sep 13 2018 View Download
57 Dave Askin 2018 Training of trainers template View Download
64 Robert Songan, Laurie Fooks 2005 Conducting Effective Training Workshops View Download
65 Markus Muntwiler 2005 Duck Farmer training manual - Tok Pisin View Download
67 Dave Askin 1996 Integrating village rabbits in Papua New Guinean Agriculture View Download
71 Markus Muntwiler 2003 Duck farmer manual follow up visits after training (etc) View Download
124 ACIAR projects with FPDA 2004 Soil Fertility Training Manual View Download
127 Mark Johnston, Dave Askin 2005 Doing Field Research - Farmers doing research View Download
130 Dave Askin 2020 Climate change - Villager manual for soil management and sustainability (word doc) View Download
131 Dave Askin 2019 Climate Change Adaptation Manual for Villagers Dec 2019 View Download
152 Dave Askin 2019 EUCC Training of Trainer manual - taking great extension photos View Download