Creating food resilient gardens in a time of climate change

Library - Jeffrey Waki

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99 Jeffrey Waki, Cyril Kolese Atung 2018 Propagating Food Crops in Papua New Guinea- Training trainers (pdf) View Download
106 Jeffrey Waki 2019 Participatory Varietal Selection of NARI Taros in True Irrigation and Rain fed Condition through on-farm Triadic Comparison of Technology (TRICOT) View Download
144 Jeffrey Waki 2019 Milestone achievements in 2019 for Crops, NRM and Food Processing View Download
146 George Siki, Jeffrey Waki 2019 EUCCR Nursery Prototype View Download
149 Jeffrey Waki, Janet Pandi 2019 Memorandum of Understanding - NARI and Partners in EUCCR - Teptep as Template View Download