Creating food resilient gardens in a time of climate change

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12 Dave Askin, Dorothy Kukum, Sim Sar, Sergie Bang, David Kulimbao 2016 Sampela rot bilong daunim bagarap bilong binatang (kaukau weevil) insait long kaukau View Download
13 Dave Askin 2016 West Indian Weevil notes from Internet View Download
11 Dave Askin, David Kulimbao 2016 Tok Pisin Drought and Climate Change training manual for PNG highlands View Download
14 RM Bourke, Bryant Allen, M. Lowe 2016 Estimated impact of drought and frost on food supply in rural PNG in 2015 (v4) View Download
40 Markus Muntwiler 2003 Duck farmer training manual View Download
41 David Farrell 2004 Managing village chickens- Trainer's handbook View Download
21 Ben Heyward 2016 Kompiam Rainfall records -2013- 2014-2015 View Download
50 ADRA 2018 Disaster awareness training manual, ADRA. Training Guide. View Download
18 Dave Askin 2016 Frost Strategies View Download
19 David Kulimbao, Ben Heyward 2016 M&E Follow up visits - to May 2016 View Download
20 Ben Heyward, David Kulimbao 2016 Follow up Visit Report May 2016 Sirunki, Sari, Kanamanda, Kompiam, Birip and Tsak View Download
51 Anon 2000 Fish Farming Manual View Download
24 Ben Heyward 2016 Diary Ben Heyward May 2016 TA input in PNG Highlands View Download
52 Maima Sine 2017 Fish farmer training modules - trainee guides View Download
26 Ben Heyward 2016 Ben Heyward, Technical Advisor Work Diary, July 2016 visit View Download
30 Dave Askin, Ben Heyward, David Kulimbao 2016 Climate change and drought mitigations - summary for the busy person View Download
33 Ben Heyward, Dave Askin, David Kulimbao, Anna Kulimbao 2016 Activity close workshops - Simbu and Enga Provinces - August 2016 View Download
34 David Kulimbao, Ben Heyward 2016 Enga Follow-up Visit Reports - May 2016 - Sirunki, Sari, Kanamanda, Kompiam, Birip. View Download
36 Ben Heyward 2016 Ben Heyward, August 2016 Trip Report View Download
37 Ben Heyward, Dave Askin, David Kulimbao, Anna Kulimbao 2016 Summary - key strategies for coping with drought and frost and fire View Download
38 David Kulimbao, Ben Heyward 2016 Follow up visit reports June and July 2016 View Download
39 David Kulimbao 2016 Simbu June 2016 Most significant change stories View Download
42 Anon 2004 Chicken farmer training manual View Download
43 Markus Muntwiler, Dave Askin 2004 Training villagers in PNG - a manual for trainers View Download
44 Debbie Kapal, Sergie Bang, Dave Askin, Bryant Allen 2003 Drought coping strategies View Download
45 Dave Askin, Allan Oliver 2004 Land-use and soil fertility View Download
48 Dave Askin 2016 Map (Google Earth) of Project areas, boundaries, locations for each village in Enga. View Download
49 Kym Simoncini, Barbara Pamphilon 2010 Maria's family raises chickens View Download
53 Monica Mazi 2015 Muscovy duck farming systems in Papua New Guinea View Download
56 Dave Askin 2018 EU Climate Change, Villager Handbook Template Sep 13 2018 View Download
55 Dave Askin 2018 Extension Report July 2018 Askin for EU Climate Change View Download
57 Dave Askin 2018 Training of trainers template View Download
58 Anon 2018 Water shed management - Indian based village training manual View Download
59 Anon 2018 Writing a scientific paper, 2 pages, Lincoln Uni View Download
60 Etienne Hainzelin et. al 2017 Agricultural research in the global south: steering research beyond impact promises View Download
61 Malcolm Blackie 2014 A review of evidence, agreements, concepts and tools relating to participatory agricultural research View Download
62 Nick Gallagher, Bruce McKenzie, Dave Askin 1995 Doing Field Research - Communicating the results of research View Download
63 Nick Gallagher, Bruce McKenzie, Dave Askin 1996 Communicating results of research View Download
64 Robert Songan, Laurie Fooks 2005 Conducting Effective Training Workshops View Download
65 Markus Muntwiler 2005 Duck Farmer training manual - Tok Pisin View Download
66 Anon 2017 EU, Results oriented monitoring (ROM) handbook for consultants View Download
67 Dave Askin 1996 Integrating village rabbits in Papua New Guinean Agriculture View Download
101 Dave Askin 2019 Extension Review - Final Report to NARI - European Union Climate Change Resilience Action View Download
69 Markus Muntwiler 2000 Chicken farmer manual - Follow up training course View Download
70 Markus Muntwiler 2003 Free range chicken farmer trainer manual View Download
71 Markus Muntwiler 2003 Duck farmer manual follow up visits after training (etc) View Download
72 Dave Askin 2018 CV for Dr Dave Askin View Download
73 Virginia Askin 2018 CV for Mrs Virginia Askin View Download
77 Dave Askin 2011 Doing Field Research - Keeping people the focus of research in Melanesia View Download
75 Dave Askin 2012 Doing Field Research View Download
76 Mark Johnston, Dave Askin 2011 Doing Field Research - Container Grown Experiments View Download
78 Thiagalingam 2011 Doing Field Research - Refresher training course in Soil Science View Download
79 Dave Askin 2011 Doing Field Research with Animals View Download
80 Dave Askin 2011 Doing Field Research - a Guide for Trainers View Download
81 Martin Gunther 2011 Doing Field Research - Variability View Download
82 ACNARS 2001 Outreach and Liaison Competencies in NARI View Download
83 ACNARS 2003 Competencies for NARI cadets View Download
84 ACNARS 2000 NARI staff competencies as developed with ACNARS View Download
85 Dave Askin, Ian Grant 2001 NARI Access database competencies View Download
102 NARI 2016 European Union Climate Change Resilience Action - Design Document View Download
87 Dave Askin 2018 Bilong wanem yumi planim NARI Taro? PDF View Download
88 Dave Askin 2018 Bilong wanem yumi planim NARI Taro? Powerpoint View Download
92 Dave Askin 2019 Climate change - Villager manual for soil management and sustainability (pdf) View Download
93 Dave Askin 2019 Sustainable gardens in Papual New Guinea - Trainer of trainers workbook (pdf) View Download
94 Michael Dom 2018 Pig husbandry in PNG- Training of trainers (pdf) View Download
95 Maima Sine 2018 Sustainable fish farming for cash in times of climate change in PNG - training of trainers (.pdf) View Download
96 Janet Pandi 2018 Improved poultry production for climate resilience in Papua New Guinea - Training of trainers manual (.pdf) View Download
97 Dave Askin 2018 Calculating solar power requirements - a village level set of calculations. View Download
98 Miriam Simin 2018 Root crops processing and preservation in Papua New Guinea (.pdf) View Download
99 Jeffrey Waki, Cyril Kolese Atung 2018 Propagating Food Crops in Papua New Guinea- Training trainers (pdf) View Download
103 Birte Komolong, Dave Askin, A.Ramakrishna, Sergie Bang 2019 Strengthening food production capacity and resilience to drought on vulnerable communities. View Download
104 Dave Askin, Virginia Askin 2016 Lincoln University Financial Budget Manual View Download
105 Dave Askin 2019 A new, old way of thinking about Melanesian (watersheds) gardens. View Download
106 Jeffrey Waki 2019 Participatory Varietal Selection of NARI Taros in True Irrigation and Rain fed Condition through on-farm Triadic Comparison of Technology (TRICOT) View Download
133 Birte Komolong 2018 EUCCR Action Coordination Committee meeting Dec 2018 View Download
120 Issac Tanda Taraken 2004 Improving short fallows with legumes for soil fertility replenishments in the Papua New Guinea highlands View Download
142 Arthur Roberts, Elly Solomon, Martin Lobao, Michael Dom 2019 Bioconversion of Fermented Kitchen Waste or Sweetpotato Roots by Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae reared in an open shed environment View Download
143 Dominik Ruffeis 2019 Survey report of a selected pilot site for development of a micro watershed management model for the EUCCR PNG Project View Download
144 Jeffrey Waki 2019 Milestone achievements in 2019 for Crops, NRM and Food Processing View Download
145 Janet Pandi 2020 EUCCR Technical Report Livestock 2019 View Download
146 George Siki, Jeffrey Waki 2019 EUCCR Nursery Prototype View Download
147 George Siki, Janet Pandi 2019 Poultry house design incorporated into MOU's for EUCCR View Download
148 Dave Askin, Miriam Simin 2020 Map as a work in progress for EUCCR Action (EU funded Climate change resilience in PNG) View Download
149 Jeffrey Waki, Janet Pandi 2019 Memorandum of Understanding - NARI and Partners in EUCCR - Teptep as Template View Download
150 James Laraki, Laurie Fooks 2020 Communication and Visibility in EUCCR View Download
138 Dominik Ruffeis 2019 Watershed Report - Site selection and assessment, - Technical report View Download
139 Tai Kui, Jonah Anton, Gena Kawale 2019 Validation of the Storage Sand Sprouting (SSS) Method for Sweet potato tuber storage during drought/frost conditions in PNG View Download
135 Trevor Wilson 2003 Guidelines for conducting small-holder surveys View Download
136 Trevor Wilson 2010 Survey Guidelines for FPDA View Download
137 Dave Askin 2011 Surveys - ACP EU Training in Practical Research Skills View Download
140 Peter Gendua, Gena Kawale 2020 Southern Region (SRC) Technical Report on EUCCR July 18 to Dec 2019. View Download
141 Elly Solomon, Tai Kui, James Laraki 2019 TepTep MRC EUCCR Trip report for Aug 2019 Project Awareness and rebuilding communication with the farmers, contact farmer (champion farmer) and the leaders View Download
124 ACIAR projects with FPDA 2004 Soil Fertility Training Manual View Download
127 Mark Johnston, Dave Askin 2005 Doing Field Research - Farmers doing research View Download
128 Dave Askin 2020 EUCCR Reporting template View Download
130 Dave Askin 2020 Climate change - Villager manual for soil management and sustainability (word doc) View Download
131 Dave Askin 2019 Climate Change Adaptation Manual for Villagers Dec 2019 View Download
132 Michael Dom 2017 EUCCR (European Union funded Climate Change Resilience Action) Desktop study of Pilot sites View Download
134 Birte Komolong, Dave Askin 2019 Interim report on EUCCR to EU July 2019 View Download
151 Clifton Gwabu, Michael Dom 2020 EUCCR Household Vulnerability and Needs Analysis Draft report View Download
152 Dave Askin 2019 EUCC Training of Trainer manual - taking great extension photos View Download